Tanya Renne was an art major way back when, became a grassroots activist during the Bosnia conflict in ex-Yugoslavia, and learned her way around desktop publishing at an English language newspaper in Budapest (when the whole office shared a single compuserve email address). She turned software developer to pay her discover card bill when she returned to the States in 1995.

Since then, life intervened. With the exception of a couple of commissions creativity has been limited to cooking, parenting and paying the bills. Now, just 22 years later, she is making the effort to put art back into her life.

Her paintings are an exploration of light and texture. Each canvas can have as many as 20 layers. Abstract painting is harder than it looks.

The cars are a recent exploration of steampunk; inspired by Gerard Cambon and Stephanie Halluex. Most everything used for these whimsical creations is found discarded in alleys while she walks her dogs around D.C.

“I don’t consider myself whimsical at all, so I don’t know where these came from but they’re certainly fun to make” Renne says.

Most of the art is for sale starting as low as $50 for smaller pieces. If you are interested in buying something, please reach out to her via email. She would also entertain another opportunity to show her art locally. All proceeds go to build out a pottery studio she plans to build this summer to benefit family and friendly neighbors.